About IBN Focus

IBN Focus is a division of TV18 that provides innovative and insightful media solutions that create context through content for brands. IBN Focus, through its 'Advertiser and Viewer Interest Programming (AVIP)', connects consumers, partners and influencers of a brand in refreshing ways, while meeting the business objectives through utilisation of the right media vehicle.

IBN Focus Expertise
  • On-Air Specials – A customized show/series/campaign capturing the clients communication objective.
  • Media Partnerships – Amplification of client's event via associating with world class media brands of the IBN Network – CNN-IBN, IBN7 & IBN-Lokmat.
  • Events – Path breaking thought leadership initiatives of IBN Network. These are the contextual editorial properties that ensures high visibility for brands across categories, providing a credible, national platform.

Advertiser and Viewer Interest Programming

Advertiser and Viewer Interest Programming (AVIP) from IBN Focus is an innovative and insightful media vehicle that connects consumers, trade partners and influencers of your brand by giving customised solutions. AVIP is more about creating context for brands by packaging the available content into an interesting TV format keeping the brand objective in mind.

How is AVIP different from conventional advertising?

  • AVIP helps in building strategic awareness among the viewers who not only get to recognize your brand, but also understand the distinctive qualities that make it better than the competition.
  • AVIP is more important today than ever due to the ever-increasing advertising clutter where the conventional methods are failing to attract eyeballs.
  • AVIP helps you in communicating a consistent message, while being flexible enough to adapt to changes